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Buy it immediately! We installed the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal food shredder two years ago. The device is a large flask that is attached to your sink with a mouth to the drain, then a siphon is connected. Everything is fast almost without noise and very hygienic. nothing rot in the trash can and does not spread unpleasant odors, does not serve as bait for insects. And it also saves time, and the waste that you will take to the garbage will consist mainly of dry household garbage. If someone is afraid of knives or blades that grind food waste, I’ll say that in Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal they simply do not exist. The device is as safe as possible. There is also a reverse if something is stuck. But that is absolutely impossible if you want to use the shredder for a long time and without problems, so it is to load into it packaging, large beef bones, bones from apricots, peaches, etc. and non food waste. Just think about how many visits to the trash can you need to do when you are cooking borshch. And with a grinder, I just clean the potatoes right in the sink, beets, onions, carrots, cabbage, all the same. And you wanted to arrange a Pivnik with shrimps how many husks will remain of them, and the smell - horror! Rinse the husks and heads in the sink. Very comfortably.
Do I need a food waste chopper?
Chopper - an indispensable thing in the household! Without it, of course, you can live. But you can also live without a microwave, a toaster ... a TV, a cell phone ... a washing machine ... and in general, you can also live in the apartment without the light. How much controversy is going on, “Do I need a dishwasher or not?”. Some consider it necessary and immediately buy. Others - as opposed to telling everyone first that they do not need it, that they can calmly wash the dishes with their hands, and in general, they love to wash the dishes with their hands ... and then, at some point they either buy a dishwasher or they are given it and the opinion of dishwasher opponents is changing dramatically.
The same thing happens with the grinder. Indeed, at first glance, his role in the kitchen seems insignificant (and not as significant as in the case of a dishwasher) until you start using it.


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